Pool Maintenance

FREE pool water test in store

What we need:
A sample of your pool water (Bring it in a jar or bottle)
What we need to know:
How big your pool is (eg. 60,000L)
And is it a chlorine or salt pool

We also sell:
Salt, pH Plus, Stabiliser, Buffer, Filter Cleaner, Floc, Soda Ash, Hydrochloric Acid, Trichlor Tablets, and many other pool products and chemicals


We can supply and fit:

Your pools filtration equipment - pumps, filters and chlorinators.
Heating systems including solar, gas and electric heaters.
Automatic pool cleaners including suction and robotic models.
Installation and maintenance of pool lights, self closing gate hinges and latches.

Pool Maintenance Man

We have a pool maintenance man who can come out to assess your pool and advise you on what needs to be done. He can quote on the repairs or supply and installation of new pumps, filters etc. Just call our office 9274 1992 to organise a time for him to come out.

Pool Cleaners


Kreepy Krauly VTX7 System complete with miniskim, 10m hose and Relief Valve - $ 850.00
Kreepy Krauly VTX7 System Complete with miniskim and 12m hose - $775.00
Kreep Krauly Sprinta Complete with miniskim, 10m hose and relief valve - $675.00

Kreepy Krauly Robotic Cleaners:
K - Bot SX-1 $1050.00
K - Bot SX-3 $2075.00

Pool Blankets

We can order in pool blankets for you and arrange for them to be fitted. Just ask for a quote.