Product Stock Update

 Recently arrived back in stock


We now have both Turbo Yeast and Turbo Clear in stock - YAY

We have

Gluten Free products - scroll to bread info at bottom of page

Nitrile Disposable Black Heavy Duty Gloves back in stock - Box 100

25ml White plastic bottle (empty) with fine sprayer @ $1.50 each  OR  12 for $15


Ethanol hand sanitiser 80%  Hand rub correctly made to the WHO recipe approved by TGA in our EPA approved factory.

100ml $4.25 ea

250ml $8.85 ea

500ml $15 ea

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19 we have seen higher than normal demand for some of our products.

As a result we are out of stock in the following products:

Product ETA
Ethanol  Out no ETA
Methylated Spirits  Out no ETA
Toilet Paper Out no ETA
Glycerin in store
Turbo Yeast & Clear




Bread/Flour Product



See Below


Bread Yeast In stock
Elastic thin BACK IN STOCK
Aloe Vera Gel  in stock

Last Updated 11th May 2020

Where possible we are working to source product ASAP from alternate suppliers if possible and will update our expected ETA's above as often as possible. 

Bread/Flour Product

We have in stock


Gluten Free Soft Breadmix or Crusty Breadmix 15kg $160

Gluten Free Flour 15kg $112

Gluten Free Muffin Mix and Mud Cake mix


All About Bread have supplied us some limited lines

We currently have the following on our shelves

Dinkelbrot White 2kg & 5kg

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread 1.5kg & 5kg

Gluten Free Roll & Pizza 1.5kg 

Bavarian Rye 2kg & 5kg

Pizza & Focaccia (normal wheat) 2kg

Natural Improver 120g

Yeast tubs 150g

7 Grain Mix 1kg


Spelt wholegrain in  1.5kg bags $14 per bag

Mr Scobie Farm's Wholemeal Spelt Flour - Locally grown and ground in Toodyay


Millers Bread flour and yeast is on our shelves - 

We currently only have left on shelf (but can order others in as per below)

Spelt Wholemeal and White Flour 25kg

Organic Wholemeal Flour 25kg

Supersoft White 15kg

Plain Flour 15kg

Self Raising Flour 15kg

Soft Wholemeal 15kg

Multigrain Premix 15kg

You can order by email and have it put aside for you - please give us exact name and quantities of products along with your name, phone number to contact when it arrives.

We are supplying 15kg:

Soy N Linseed Mix - $42.50
Multigrain Mix - $39.10
Super Soft White Mix - $34
Soft Wholemeal Mix - $35.70
Millers Plain Flour - $22.95
Millers Self Raising - $28.90

Bread Flour 1100 White - $23.80

Also in 25kg:
Light Rye Mix - $54.40
Spelt White Flour - $125
Spelt Wholemeal Flour - $125


500g yeast purchased on it's own is $9.95 -